Born and raised around the Delta region of Nigeria, Nneka Lucia Eg-buna moved to Germany aged 19 to study Anthropology at Hamburg University. It was during her student years that Nneka honed her craft as a singer-songwriter. “I financed my studies in Germany by playing gigs on the underground scene,” says Nneka. “I‘ve always written from a very young age. I used to just write down my thoughts and experiences and lots of prayers.”

Her politically charged lyrics swiftly established her as one of Afri-ca‘s most powerful voices. Nneka‘s lyrics examine a myriad of social issues, including maternal love, heartbreak and the quest for justice. Working tirelessly over the last decade, Nneka has released 4 previ-ous albums – Victim of Truth, No Longer At Ease, Soul Is Heavy and My Fairy Tales. Her single Heartbeat [2009] scored her a UK Top 20 hit and spun a feature by Nas and was also sampled by Rita Ora for her #1 UK hit R.I.P.

Nneka continues to perform and electrify audiences across the globe with the likes of The Roots, Gnarls Barkley, Nas and Damian Marley. She won a MOBO for Best African Act in 2009 and recorded a tri-bute song called Viva Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, and has appeared on The David Letterman Show and BET‘s 106 & Park. In 2014 Nneka joined the judging panel on ‚Nigerian Idol‘ Season 4.



Help Astrid
BLOOD CANCER! I am Astrid (Ada) and urgently need an African-European/Caucasian stem cell donor!

Can you #MatchMyMix?

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You are also welcome to help us fund the registration campaign. Every contribution counts! Thank you very much!

February 17, 2019
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vor 11 Monaten

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I'm chukwudi by name

Te amo mucho mi amor💘

Nneka, please see this three and a half minute primer on self-immune living skills: My brother Milton is in South Africa singing in conJjunction with the Soweto choir. He is a member of the Symphonic chorus touring there presently (July third western hemisphere time 2019), with his director, the woman who waves the baton, seen at this link:

Wünsche dir Glück

(bin leider zu alt)

HELLO THERE PLEASE check out this 100 seconds interview with SRF,done a while ago though but worth sharing intim hast du Nneka noch nie erlebt: Sie spricht über einschneidende Ereignisse in ihrem Leben, ihren Vater und ihren Glauben. Lade dir jetzt die VirusApp...
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vor 2 Jahren

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Wayne, base secrète, il veulent devenir jetset dix fois les grands financiers et les chefs d'état pour ceux qui croient à la réincarnation je vous vérifier, j'invite les huissier de vérifier les acquis, les aller retour des avion de la reine elizabeth 2. en quelques années, plein d'argent chez des politicien français et belge. Ceux qui quittent et les rois européens. car ils sont frustré de leur rôle. il y a des concours datant du moyen âge, non solidaire. il y a pleins de bulles.

Hai nneka

Are you touring the UK this year? It would be great if you are.

Blessings Nneka ,you are an inspiration in my music .I hope one day you visit Chile.

Hello my Love, how are you today ??

Hello dear, I want to thank God for your effort and progress in the music industry. Back in the days I could remember when I visit at Altona Hamburg. All I remember you say, I’m off to the studio. Till this moment I’m still find my focus to get to this industry where I’ve never been but destined to. You know how it is in Hamburg. Talkless of now that I have to deal with real life situation of having children to cater for without mother. Single I with children in Germany. Just waking up. My pleasure and regards to you. ONE LOVE

I like you so much


I just came on board with you this week and l am already calling you my favorite artist. Sorry I missed Austin. But I'm hoping to catch you again in the United States. Thanks for sharing your gift.

good woman no day izy 2fined hapiness your money can not buy nneka you 2much.


Please Nneka help this young woman who has same mix of parents like u have !!!!! She need urgently a stem cell donor of SMO who is also mixed Nigeria German !!!!! She suffers for cancer of blood !!!! She will go die without a donor !!!! She has 2 small children !!!!!


strongest women i've ever seen! more self-confidence? come on! beautiful mindset! go on! ❤️&✌🏻

You are an inspiration. Any new songs in the pipeline? Let me know and I will come and watch from London or call when you are in London and I will give you a tour.

When are you coming back to beautiful switzerland? We love you

Nneka come back to Switzerland please! I'm missing you!

Come to Austin, TX pretty please.

Nigel Hewlett-Beech

I saw you on Africa Festival in Würzburg in the beginning 2000's in the tent. It was raining and there were only maybe 100 people and I knew you will soon be a great singer! Then I saw you open the Seeed concert in Würzburg and I saw I didn't feel wrong- you gave a phantastic show. I saw you more times - what a biiiig show on Rototom in Spain and in Erlangen E Werk! Maximum respect and thx for your music and your great lyriks!!! Blessings 🙏

I really really like you. Maybe I was a bit too drunk so said stupid things like can we met for dinner. But I really really think you are lovely.

New Song and Video NO TOUCH AM features me with Blinky Bill. Video directed by Andrew Mageto and @Osborne MachariaFirst Video off the upcoming album project Everyone's Just Winging It And Other Fly Tales. Directed by Andrew Mageto and Osborne Macharia Music Production- B... ... Mehr anzeigenWeniger anzeigen

vor 2 Jahren

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hallo freund nnka ich habe einen dokumentarfilm über dw über deine musik und dein leben gesehen und wir haben viel gemeinsam, da papa ein schwarzer mann aus trinidad und tobago ist mama weiße frau aus venezuela meine brüder und ich leiden unter diskriminierung aufgrund unserer farbe und innerem hass Der Grund, warum ich an Sie schreibe, ist ein soziales Projekt zum Wohle der Gemeinde in meinem Land, und wo dies erforderlich oder notwendig ist, bitte ich Sie unter keinen Umständen um Geld oder Zusammenarbeit Die Stimme dieser Innovation in der Sammlung von Regenwasser in meinem Land Wir haben ein ernstes Problem mit der Verwaltung der plibialen Gewässer bei Regen- oder Winterwetter. Ich habe ein Gerät entwickelt, das Unfälle und Überschwemmungen verhindert, wenn Sie Details wünschen, an die Sie mir eine E-Mail senden können Geben Sie die Beschreibung des Geräts. Danke. Mein Name ist MARCOS DIAZ. +05842429328533 Danke. Es wäre mir eine Ehre, wenn Sie mein Projekt aus ökologischen Gründen lesen würden s und direkte Auswirkungen auf die Gemeinschaft

Please Nneka help this young woman who has same mix of parents like u have !!!!! She need urgently a stem cell donor of SMO who is also mixed Nigeria German !!!!! She suffers for cancer of blood !!!! She will go die without a donor !!!! She has 2 small children !!!!!

Help my mom plase and plase

Kiválló a video is Köszönöm

Could you please share my appeal for Astrid, the Nigerian-German mother searching for a stem-cell donor with your audience? Chi Chi support Astrid's appeal and German Member of Parliament Dr. Karamba Diaby. Please Nneka, share! It could be me or you. And tomorrow, maybe it will be me or you. Currently, only 3% of the registered donors are of mixed origin. In case of emergency, we have no chance. Please, let us help each other!!! Thank you!!! Conny, Ethiopian-German mother


Wow :)

Allow me...💞brilliant

Wicked! Jacob Bain, check the video!

Fabolous colors!

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