Vanessa Mdee is an award winning musical sensation, businesswoman and philanthropist. From a successful media personality to one of Africa’s biggest pop stars, Vanessa’s definite cultural reach places her as one of Africa’s most powerful women despite her young age.

Born Vanessa Hau Mdee, to a Tanzanian diplomat and beauty queen, Vanessa grew up in different cities around the world, from Paris to Nairobi, New York to Arusha; an experience that made her into what she calls; a global African.

“ Its hard to separate my upbringing from my art. I am versatile; I can shift from a Bongo Flava sound to a global R&B radio tune. Being a global African translates into all I do.” Says Vanessa, who describes her music as Progressive Afro-pop.

Even though Vanessa first came to the spotlight as an on-air personality and MTV VJ, Music was always in her. “ I have memories of my dad playing all this world music, from Miriam Makeba to old school R & B. Music was always there, I just never really found the time to push it out. ” says Vanessa.


Happy birthday to the sweetest girl I’ve ever known 😍 my earth angel 😇 Daddy’s Fave @ellemissbelle Nakupenda Sana. Love letter got to you already. Enjoy level 3 baby 🚀 ... Mehr anzeigenWeniger anzeigen

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Happy birthday to the sweetest girl I’ve ever known 😍 my earth angel 😇 Daddy’s Fave @ellemissbelle Nakupenda Sana. Love letter got to you already. Enjoy level 3 baby 🚀

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Happy birthday elle

Happy Birthday to you

Happy birthday to her

Happy birthday to Her

Happy birthday to her

Happiest birthday to her

Happy birthday kwake

...Happy pon pon





Vanessa mdee unakuja lini pemba kuperfom.ukija njoo na jux


Anakaa Rihanna


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Vmoney eeeh!! Huyu mkongo nini



Happiest happy birthday to her

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He made Wednesday bring bae to work day. ... Mehr anzeigenWeniger anzeigen

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He made Wednesday bring bae to work day.

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Love is a beautiful feeling and you deserve it.

Cute. I see the hood😎

Love you 👑

Woow...I can see him...( Rotiii)..all the best dear

Hi Sis Vee This Little Girl Out Here Luvs u xo Much & ur New Song ft. Rayvanny DAMN IT! i Luv it Just Keep Fighting OK!

Beautiful mdee.....



Much love 😍

love yuu...!

Vanesa i love you 2 2 2much my heat song bambino god bless you my love.


I was so busy with my final exams I missed you my beautiful queen

I love it

I love it!

...Always btfl


Love you

My biggest gal am so happy when you are happy@Vanessa Mdee

Nakupenda VV

Nakupenda bby

Penda sana wew

My woman love you vee

Finest 😍

Paul Alexis👻Hernandez👻🇵🇭👻Calahi👻 MAFIA FAMILYA hi...miss Vanessa

When they ask me who killed Ghost 👻👀🏃‍♀️🧐🤯🤫🤐🥴🤷‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🕴🏾 ... Mehr anzeigenWeniger anzeigen

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When they ask me who killed Ghost 👻👀🏃‍♀️🧐🤯🤫🤐🥴🤷‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🕴🏾

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Ummm it's probably your boo Dre 😂

Power! 👌

Hehehe.. Miss Ghost rider. 😋

My love

I think is your boyfriend, who killed Ghost

I thought you should know! Tate men shot Ghost 👻 😢 😢

My gal pretty as always

xo cute bebe

Wait, Ghost Dead??

If ghost dies in that series am gonna sue 50cent.

So you be like: "You're looking at the ghost slayer Herself"

Yes is your boyfriend

Come to daddy... Am Tommy

Rotimi did.

Paul Alexis👻Hernandez👻🇵🇭👻Calahi👻 MAFIA FAMILYA Zup Vanessa


His son probably

Girl power!!

Being to pretty will kill anything 😉

Ghost not dead! Just shot.


Trying to confirm for us the dating rumours umh okay🐒

Ghost st patricks ain't dead

Who shot ghost?????


The girl can dance 💃

Go behind the scenes and learn the choreography #Bado 🚀😍💃 BTS LINK IN MY BIO DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE.
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wonderful lady singer, wonderful lady dancer

Fantastic *****

Amazing 😘😘

Sooo niceeee

Killing dear...Dats y I love yoh

Love from Niaja 💚

Exactly... Go to go gal... I love you My role model

Nice one Vee👌



Indeed Vanesa i need Ur copy

Yess better werk it girl!!

That is my 👧

I like u

.....Brilliant btf

Cash madame

I like it


Vanessa Mdee good girl 👏👏👏👏

woooooow no bad energy

Too much sauce

Omu bwati👌


Adi raha


... his hoodie ... Mehr anzeigenWeniger anzeigen

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... his hoodie

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My lovely gal♥️

You must have been a beautiful baby....

❤❤❤such beautiful soul Vanessa Mdee

My lovely 💕😍

So adorable

I like how u smile I like how you look its your voice I want to hear U look great cash Madam

So beautiful, my everyday crush

I love you my diva

Nice mummy

Beautiful darling

u look so cute 😍 u

You look so beautiful Mdee

Enjoy girl..such an upgrade.

So cute


My sweet 😘😘

New bae,new v-money,new city be u

Beautiful Dearie

I love you Big

Love you vee

Beautiful mdee...

Mrs Heart 😁

Keep on slayin ma sweetie 😍😍

My favorite😍


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